Study, Work, Live in Canada

Canada is a country in the northern half of North America. It has ten provinces & three territories extend from the AtlanticOcean, Pacific Ocean from West, and northward into Artic Ocean, lowering 9.98 millions square km, making it the world’ssecond largest country by total area and the fourth largest country by land area. Canada’s border with USA is the world’slargest land border, Canada is sparsely populated. The majority of Canada has a cold winter climate but southern are warm in summer.
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Why Study in Canada?

Canada has world class universities, which are known for their high quality and excellence in academic standards and areconsistently ranked among the top universities internationally. Canada’s quality of education and standard of living areamong lives in the world. The cost of living and tuition fees are generally lower than in other countries such as USA & UK.International students have the opportunity to work during studies & after they graduate University Graduates may also beeligible to apply for PR in Canada. Canada spends about 5.5% of its GDP on Education.
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11 reasons Canada is an awesome place for new immigrants!

Canada embraces multiculturalism and immigrants
Canada is one of the most inclusive countries in the world
Canada is the 10th largest economy in the world
Canada’s education system is world-class
Canada’s tech industry is growing rapidly
Canadians enjoy access to universal healthcare
Canada has the best benefits, holidays and paid leave in North America
Canada is extremely safe
Canada’s banks are extremely stable
Canada is a beautiful place to live
Canada has a stable, democratic political system